Monday All Politics Linkorama

It’s not that there’s no non-political stuff to talk about; it’s that I get so back-logged with the political side.

  • The Nanny State strikes again.
  • Ah, Global Warming bad skepticism. Repeating elided quotes from Phil Jones shown long ago to be incorrect? Check. Quoting temperature records incorrectly? Check. Repeating long-debunked claims about recent cooling? Check. It’s like a broken record with these guys. No matter how often their talking points are debunked, they keep repeating them. Meanwhile, the Earth keeps warming.
  • The best weapon against radicalism? American TV. Neal Stephenson called this one.
  • Shit like this is why I sometimes want to throw up my hands and get my own survival bunker. Democrats have been bashing Republicans for not responding to a 9/11 First Responders bill. Turn out, it’s a dreadfully written bill. But we must do something!
  • Neal Boortz is really hopelessly insane these days. Now he’s going through the NSF budget, identifying grants that sounds ridiculous to him and slagging them. Never mind if it’s viable peer-reviewed research that has to perform to sustain funding. Dinosaur fossils! Apparently, scientists are now part of the “looter class”.
  • This is what I fear Tea Party candidates will do to the nation. With Michelle Bachmann Overdrive already backing down on the earmarks pledge and a budget-busting $900 billion Stimulus IV going into place, it’s already happening at the national level.
  • I’m with TNC. How can you not be cynical about politics when Peter Orzag leaves the White House and goes straight into an eight figure job with one of the companies he was regulating?
  • Stephen Breyer reminds me of Noam Chomsky. He sounds brilliant when you listen to him, but what he says is so totally wrong it beggars belief.