Midweek Linkorama

  • I just ran across this quote from OSU president Gordon Gee who earlier this year derided TCU and Boise State’s chances at a title by talking about how great his team’s schedule was. This year, Ohio State played eight games at home, four on the road. They paid three teams — Eastern Michigan, Ohio and Marshall — to come to Columbus and get pounded. Say what you want about mid-major schools; they work hard to make their schedule stronger, not weaker.
  • Political Links:

  • I wonder if the people who talked about the badly flawed Scottish study which claimed massive drops in heart attacks due to smoking bans will talk about the first comprehensive study, which shows no improvement. Naaah.
  • I am not surprised that TSA is trolling blogs. They’re certainly not making the country more secure.
  • How much do bad teachers cost us? Try $100 trillion.