Thursday Linkorama

Non-political Links:

  • Commie Monopoly. I love it! Americans may have forgotten the evils of communism. But the Poles have not.
  • On the one hand, this story, about child opium addicts in Afghanistan, is horrifying. On the other hand, 19th century western societies routinely dosed their kids with laudanum so that they’d sleep better. And sometimes they slept for good. So we’re in a bit of glass house here, saying, “We don’t drug our kids! Anymore! Well, not with opium, anyway!”
  • Political Links:

  • The continuing attention to Donald Trump is mystifying. He’s Paris Hilton without the looks.
  • Yes, the CBO was manipulated.
  • Sometimes it’s fun to be a libertarian. It drives the more ignorant parts of both Left and Right completely mental.
  • This is what happens when you let the government direct energy policy.
  • And this is what happens when they direct development.