Mostly Politics Linkorama

Sorry. Politics on the brain this week.

Non-political link:

  • TNC reminds us of who the real victims are in the Charlie Sheen saga.
  • I find the Pompeii bodies oddly fixating.
  • Political links:

  • Chris Dodd is a shill? I’m shocked that the man who sold our economy down the river to banking interests and then wrote the financial reform bill to protect those interests would do such a thing!
  • Dalmia on why we shouldn’t fear China or India.
  • I think Will makes a great point here. Many of the people who accept the consensus on global warming refuse to accept the consensus on free trade — which is even more of a consensus than global warming is. However, it bears pointing out that skepticism about free trade is simply endemic. From ABC to that idiot Donald Trump, myths about free trade, trade deficits, American manufacturing and basic economic go unchallenged.
  • Speaking of myths, a commentator is having trouble getting away with blatant lies about the connection between video games and sexual violence. We need a hell of a lot more of this. TV commentators — left and right, on every subject — are allowed to spew all sorts of lies. I’m glad this one is getting challenged but Lieberman’s lies are small potatoes compared to what’s out there.
  • The fighters vs. the fixers: this says a lot of what I think about the GOP. There are a lot of guys out there who just want to “get” Obama; for whom this is all a game. But there are also those who want to, you know, govern.
  • I think Reason hits an important point here. The thing people fail to realize about Wisconsin is that union support in elections was bought with promises that could never be kept. And now both sides are left holding the bag.
  • I love the idea of NASA handing off as much of its duties to the private sector as possible.
  • Ten reasons to cut funding to PBS. The most compelling argument for me is that federal PBS/NPR funding is, in essence, a subsidy for the wealthy. Doesn’t the Left oppose subsidizing the wealthy?
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