Wednesday Linkorama

Mostly politics today, I’m afraid:

  • I’ve been hammering this over at the other site, but it’s worth repeating here. The Fukushima meltdown does not prove we need to give up on nuclear power. A 40-year old plant was hit by one of the worst natural disasters in the last century and is still very likely to end up with, at most, a few casualties. This is nothing compared to what fossil fuels cost us. And alternative energy just isn’t ready for prime-time. Nuclear — especially newer and safer nuclear — is the best option we’ve got. Not that cool heads are preventing stupid panic in this country.
  • You know, he does sometimes make it hard to dislike him.
  • In other news, Nanking-denying Shintaro Ishihara is still a jackass.
  • The latest from Arpaio’s banana republic.
  • I’ve suspected for some time that the supposed growth in equality was the result of tax code changes.
  • Yet one more reason not to live in Illinois. If only there were some prominent Illinoisan who could take a stand against this bullshit.
  • TNC argues that White Flight didn’t just happen.