Weekend Linkorama

Non-political links:

  • Well, there goes my month.
  • This ability of people who talk completely out of their ass to land gigs advising people on subjects about which they know nothing is astounding. A generation ago, it was ritual child abuse. Now it’s terrorism.
  • Political Links:

  • While I think Radley Balko has a point that the harsh (but not torturous) treatment of Bradley Manning is because he exposed public officials as petty and crude, I suspect the larger factor is that Manning is in military confinement. They tend to take a much harsher view of those who betray trust. And they act accordingly.
  • Yet more on why free trade is awesome. The telling fact: ipad’s supposedly add to our trade deficit by being manufactured overseas. But that $6.50 of trade “deficit” enables $178 of prosperity in this country.
  • The New York Times twists itself into pretzels trying to sustain their liberal ideology.
  • I don’t think the rise in minimum wage is the reason low-wage jobs have disappeared. But it hasn’t helped.
  • Barack Obama, Defender of Science, is forbidding research into whether medical marijuana works. For the children!