Barrack Obama wants to lift sanction on Cuba?. Turns out not so much. He just want to lets Cubans visit their families.

I hate the Cuba embargo. We’ve had it in place for 40+ years and it has done absolutely nothing to weaken Castro’s evil regime. Actually, if anything, it has empowered him. It has helped starve and deprive his people while doing nothing to keep him from becoming a billionaire.

Lift the embargo. Give Cubans a taste of freedom and prosperity. And like the people of Eastern Europe, they will throw off communism fast than you can say, “Che”.

No one will advocate this, of course, because it would mean writing off Florida’s electoral votes. The Cuban-Americans are not reasonable about this. And, to be honest, I can’t say I’d be reasonable either if I lived seventy miles from a murderous psychopath who had oppressed and killed my relatives while being embraced and lauded by Hollywood dimwits.

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