More Dumb Action

You know what the biggest problem is with getting the public to accept global warming? It’s environmentalists being so incredibly stupid.

Under the proposals, a cap could be set on the energy use of each electrical appliance, and those exceeding limits could be banned from sale in the UK.

How do you measure energy use? It’s been amply demonstrated that environmentalists have no clue when it comes to measuring carbon footprint. Is making people go with TVs that use less energy going to end up using more energy for production and transportation? Is it going to cause more pollution? You know what’s really good at figuring out that complex math? The free market.

And there could be a ban on electrical goods with stand-by lights which can stay on indefinitely. Some 2 per cent of Britain’s total electricity use is currently taken up by appliances left on stand-by rather than being switched off.

Talk about your law of unintended consequences. Most of these are almost certaintly computers. All three of mine run on standby. You know what’s going to happen if you ban standby mode?

People will just leave their computers on all the time. And it will burn up far more energy, do more damage to the machines (requiring more resource us to fix/replace them) and set the environment backward.

Jesus Christ, enviros. Do you guys ever think?

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