Rosh Hoshana Linkorama!

I’m not supposed to think today (not that I do anyway), so I’ll just link to those who do:

  • Radley Balko points out that the Democrats seems to have a better notion of federalism than the GOP. I disagree slightly. Federalism was always a ploy by the Republicans to appeal to strates’ rights conservatives like me. What they really supported was the right of the states . . . to be conservative. And I’m sure the Dems will supports states’ rights . . . as long as the states are liberal. Watch how fast their federalism vanishes when the abortion issue comes up.
  • This story makes you wonder how many of those poor assholes with their pictures on the internet are really innocent. Prostitution is an issue where my views have shifted quite a bit. A few years ago, I was in favor of keeping it illegal. I’ve become convinced that criminalization is a disaster for law enforcement, for the public and especially for women.
  • LA wants to limit fast food restaurants in poor neighborhoods. First of all, I’m sure the rich fast food chains will love the ban on new competitition. And the locked-off market will certainly improve the food choices, since we all know effective monopolies best serve the consumer. Second, is it just me or is there something weird about a city council literally trying to take food out of the mouths of poor people?
  • On the video tape I made for my daughter when she was born, I told her that the world is getting to be a better place all the time. Here’s proof. (HT, Sully). Remember, child mortality is not a product of modern life — it is natural. It was the way things were for millions of years. All your Rousseau-wannabee environmentalist luddite shitheads can stick it. This is the result of rich people doing good things with technology and industry.
    There’s a related link from Sully about how geeks have a better perspective on tragedy. Just wait until the Gates money starts pouring into these efforts.
  • Also via Sully, we find a critique of terrorist logos. Personally, I think the IJMP logo looks it’s having a really bad period.
  • Finally, remember how wire-tapping blew up the terrorist plot in Germany? Um, no. I’m getting sick of this spin from the Bushies. They do this constantly. Make some grand claim to grab headlines, then quietly admit it’s a crock.
  • Thoughts on the surge later tonight.

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