Click here, click portfolio, then clock on the various picture to see how current fashionistas are turning otherwise pretty models into space aliens. It’s absurd.

One Response to “Fakes”

  1. rpl says:

    Holy smokes! At first I thought, “They’re just cleaning up the skin tones and tweaking the color balance a bit. What the hell is Siegel on about?” But look carefully at the third one on the top row. They’ve actually changed the *shape* of the model, making her look a lot thinner than she actually is, and there is no obvious artifact on the door behind her. Even the shadow looks plausible.

    It’s kind of disturbing how much of a change they can make with retouching, inasmuch as it makes you wonder if seeing really is believing anymore. If they can alter the photo to make someone look better (according to their aesthetic, at least), then they could as easily make someone look worse, or change the mood in some other way. I wonder how many of the images we see on a day to day basis are manipulated in this way. I can’t believe that the tabloid press, for instance, is not using this technology.