Minority Report

Why do the Republicans just ignore minorities? The stranglehold the Dems have over the non-white vote is their basic pillar of strength. Many of these pople might vote conservative if the GOP reached out to them. But every election, we hear “they won’t vote for us anyway so why bother”. But that’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you refuse to address black audiences, or speak at black colleges or go on spanish-language television, it’s a massive slap in the face to the fastest growing segment of our population.

Reaching out to minority audiences is an investment in the political future of the Party. It may not pay off today, but it will sometime.

The GOP is quickly going down a rathole chasing the ever-shrinking homophobic white Christian vote. Given the demographic trends, this is nothing but a drawn-out suicide. It is a perfect emobidment of the “win today, screw the future” attitude the Party has taken under the “leadership” of W.

We can’t afford for the sane party to go down in flames like this. God, I wish we had elected McCain in 2000.

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