Holy Crap!

Why do I like college football? Days like today. West Virginia upended on Thursday by a USF program younger than my car; Oklahoma nipped by unranked Colorado (a 22.5 point underdog); California barely escapes Oregon with their ass intact; Clemson done in by a bunch of guys with slide rules (I love it when Tech upsets the football factories); Texas crushed by unranked K-state (14.5 point underdog); Rutgers bested by unranked Maryland (16.5 point underdog); Wisconsin frightened by unranked MSU; USC on life support against unranked Washington (20.5 point underdog); Alabama undone by unranked FSU; Florida chokes against unranked Auburn at home (18 point underdog).

It’s not just that five of the top ten lost with two barely escaped with their hides intact. It’s that these seven teams were favored by a combined 116.5 points. Even LSU and Ohio State failed to cover the spread.

I went 7/22 in picking football games this weekend. And I loved it.

This just shows you what the SMTs know. Slowly, their pre-season picks are going down in flames.