Saturday Morning Linkorama

  • Yeah, the Democrats aren’t a slave to special interests. That’s why they’re trying to massively expand the number of lawsuits being filed under ADA. These days, wearing glasses counts as being “disabled”. They’re also running a anti-gay, anti-abortion Religious Right idiot because he supports the trial lawyers.
  • Yes, the Star Trek prequel movie is going to suck. But it’s still cool that they’ve cast Simon Pegg as Scotty (or that that the writer of the article is named Siegel). If you haven’t seen Hot Fuzz or Shaun of the Dead, do so.
  • Gore Nobel round up. Both sarcasm and constructive criticism.
  • The DOJ is refusing to spend the money Congress allocated to test DNA samples of convicted felons. Because we can’t have innocent people getting freed from prison, can we?
  • An update on what’s going on with Ayaan Hirsi Ali
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