Ants and God

Now this is interesting.

WORKER ants accurately gauge their life expectancy, regardless of their actual age, and take on riskier tasks as they feel their days ebbing away.

In social insects such as ants, bees and wasps, workers change tasks depending on their age. Older workers do the relatively risky foraging outside the nest, while younger ones engage in safer maintenance tasks within it. By extending the workers’ average life span, this fine-tuning helps to maximise the fitness of the colony. However, no one knew whether the division of labour in ants was activated by age-related physiological changes or through some other mechanism.

A key argument for atheim is that human beings are the only animal that know they will die. Our sense of mortality forces us to make up fairy tales about God and the afterlife to compensate.

Of course, this isn’t true at all. The atheists are asserting something that is not proven. We are discovering every day that animals are smarter than we think. Elephants bury their dead, for example. But if we now have evidence that ants know they are mortal, that blows a key plank of atheism right out of the water.

See what I mean? Atheism can be a belief system too. When you assert that animals don’t know they are mortal with precisely zero evidence to support this position, that’s no different than asserting that God has a white beard.

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