Primary Pissing Match

For the most part, I’ve been ignorning the sleep-inducing “controversy” about when the primaries are scheduled. It crosses me as so totally pointless.

However, I do agree that the influence of a few key states over who becomes the Presidential nominee is worrisome. For example, Iowa’s early entry is part of the reason farm subsidies are so massive.

So here’s my simple solution, which I expect the politicians to stagger to eventually over the next 25 years while they sideswipe bad ideas like having the first 2012 primary shortly after the 2008 election

Picks some dates and then, each season, randomly assign states to each primary slot. That way, you retain the drawn-out primary that forces candidates to develop momentum but don’t give any one state too much power.

Well, either that or have the conventions serve a God-damned purpose and choose the candidate there…

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