I Heart Huckabees

Mike Huckabee. Choice of the Christian Right. Choice of the Fair Tax Movementarians. Likely nominee. And, in the words of one man, “more ethically challenged” than Bill Clinton.

Some former staffers of then-Gov. Mike Huckabee and one current employee of the office that did some of the destruction are saying that the media shouldn’t assume that all computer data and other documents were destroyed in the aftermath of Huckabee’s order to literally wipe the slate clean after he left office.

Huckabee had ordered that the hard drives in 83 personal computers and four servers be destroyed. That equipment and data resided in the state Capitol, a state office in Washington, D.C., the Arkansas State Police airport hangar, the governor’s mansion, and the Arkansas State Police drug office. Additionally a number of paper documents were shredded and burned.

If this twerp is the GOP nominee and Clinton is the Dem, I’m voting third party. I’m not going to join in a contest to see which corrupt Nanny-state, big government, secretive Arkansas twerp gets to shred the Constitution for the next four years.

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