And Another One

Well, I just addressed publius “not accusing” the Republicans of being racist. So now Podhoretz doesn’t accuse Ron Paul of being anti-semitic.

(As a Jew, I’m getting sick of the neocon horseshit of accusing any critic of anti-semitism. Or not accusing them, as the case may be.)

These two articles are backhanded smears. “I’m not saying Reagan was a racist, I’m just saying he had racist views”; “I’m not saying that Ron Paul is an anti-semite; I’m just saying his views appeal to anti-semites”. This is just libel control. You accuse someone of vile thoughts and deeds without actually accusing them of it.

Well, I can play this game, too. I certainly don’t think that John Podhoretz dances to Celine Deion while wearing women’s underwear and watching Gilmore Girls. He seems to be a morally upstanding mensch. But there are people who attack Ron Paul who are into that sort of thing.

I’m just sayin’.