Live-Blogging the BCS

Watching the selection show now. Let’s see what happens.

Rose Bowl: USC vs. Illinois. What? This should have been Georgia’s spot. How the hell did Illinois get in here instead of Arizona State going to the Sugar Bowl? Illinois lost to Mizzou, Michigan and Iowa. Arizona Sate lost to Oregon and USC. Granted Illinois’ noin-conference schedule was tougher by virtue of Mizzou. Illinois will get eaten alive by USC.

Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma vs. West Virginia. No comment needed. Oklahoma should win this one easily.

Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Kansas. What? What?! How the hell did Kansas vault over Mizzou? Simple. Mizzou made the huge mistake of winning the division, which meant they played a conference championship game. If they had lost to Kansas, they’d be ranked higher. This shows you how stupid the BCS is — it encourages teams to lose. Virginia Tech will take this one easily.

Sugar Bowl: Hawaii vs. Georgia. Now if Arizona State gets in ahead of Illinois, they end up playing Hawaii, a much better matchup, while Georgia goes into a monster game against USC. Hell, Illinois or West Virginia would have been a better match to Hawaii. The Georgia that has been playing for the last two months should destroy Hawaii; the Georgia that played the Vols might lose.

Championship: LSU vs. Ohio State. I’ve already said everything I can on this subject. These might be the two best teams in the country. We’ll never know.

Update: Thinking about it some more, I think the BCS really screwed the pooch here. Mizzou ranked higher than Kansas in the BCS standing, but they picked Kansas. Arizona State ranked higher than Illinois but they picked Illinois. What is the point of having the God-damned BCS system if you are just going to ignore it when it comes to picking the teams?

And if anyone says, “I love the controversy”, I’m going to punch them in the face. That’s like saying you would like to be in a bad marriage because of the entertaining fights. Two teams — Kansas and Illinois — are playing in BCS bowls who shouldn’t. Two teams — Mizzou and ASU — are saying, “What the hell did we do wrong?” And five teams — Georgia, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, Hawaii and USC — are saying, “Why don’t we get a chance?”

This is how we pick a national champion?

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