Megan on Paul

If you want intelligent criticism of Ron Paul, try Megan McCardle’s dissection of his tax policy. And if you want intelligent defense, try the same source:

The New York Times’ willingness to believe that Ron Paul is a Nazi-lover seems like a symptom of a general willingness to believe that people with extreme political views that you disagree with all hang out together in some big club, where they exchange tips on stamping out liberty, and recipes for Molotov cocktails . Memo to the right: the greens do not hang out with the Maoists1. Memo to the left: the Nazis and the anarcho-capitalists hate each other with a passion seldom found outside a faculty compensation committee meeting. It should be rather obvious from listening to Dr. Paul that he’s no crypto-fascist. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go research Dennis Kucinich’s links to the Shining Path.


Ron Paul: not a Nazi. I’m slightly bemused by the fact that the Nazis are so eager to claim Ron Paul as one of their own. I mean, not that Ron Paul isn’t a perfectly nice guy, and so forth, but isn’t claiming that you’re friends with famous people who’ve never met you something you’re supposed to grow out of in high school?

On second thought, I suppose a Nazi is definitionally someone who never grew out of anything in high school.

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