One thought on “Attacking the Fair Tax: Bartlett”

  1. FAIRTAX is utter nonsense.

    Fairtax actually taxes the federal government on its purchases — to fund the federal government. Neal Boortz tries to pass this off by slipping in a sentence that should have had him laughed off the air

    “The federal government itself will become a major taxpayer” Page 148.

    Hello, McFly! Thats like me paying myself 10,000 dollars to cut my own grass. I can write the check — I can even deposit the check. But in one month, I sure as heck don’t have 300,000 dollars.

    Fairtax folks pretend they have the 300,000. In fact, they pretend they can get 300 billion for the federal government, by taxing the federal government.

    So forget the tax rate being 23%. It would be 38%, just to make up for this one lunatic goof.

    Oh, I wish it would pass!! I would love to see it! ! In one month of passage — you would have 20 million pissed off cancer patients. Two million pissed off nursing home patients. And 30 million others who have high health care cost, also pissed off.

    You would have 48 million pissed of renters, who had NO idea fairtaxers were scheeming to up their rent 30 or 40 percent.

    You would have 100 million pissed off people, who had no idea insurance premiums would be taxed 30-40%.

    This idiot FAIR tax – for the first time in recorded history — would tax surgery. Tax chemo. Tax funerals. Tax the parents of an 8 year old child battling a brain tumor.

    IF you think these people wont complain to congress, you are out of your mind.
    congress would change this so fast your head would spin.

    Fair tax doesnt slow down at stupid. It reminds me of a bunch of lunatics debating whether some sugar pills could make you get 100 miles a gallon –
    or 1000 miles a gallon.

    Its not gonna get you ANY extra miles a gallon. You put 23 big sugar pills in your gas tank, you are going to need a rental, while your car gets a new engine.

    Boortz and others KNOW this is a crock. THe LAST thing they want is for it to pass. They want to rile up all the slow learners and gullible. Thats why I hope the hello this passes, I really really do. I would love it. .

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