Pats Again

A few thoughts on today’s Pats game:

God, does New England block well. Late in the game, Brady faked a handoff and tossed a screen to Stallworth. Stallworth stepped backward but still gained six yards — because New England blocked so well.

Is Kevin Faulk a useful player or what? In several of New England’s close games, he has gotten so many key catches and runs for first downs.

So much for the meme that New England “can’t run”. Not only did Maroney have a game-defining second half, but NE threw a lot of screens that were basically fancy runs. You can do that when you have a QB as precise as Brady.

How interesting that Randy Moss has basically been invisible for two playoff games but the Pats have won anyway. Part of the reason is the defenses are obsessed with Moss and leaving the short part of the field open. And Brady is slicing them up.

One last thought: GO PACK GO!