Apparently, the new Red Sox ace is drawing the ire of the US government for drinking beer in an ad.

An ad that aired in Japan.

This comes on the heels of arrests of foreign internet gambling managers in US airports.

If this sounds reasonable to you, I wonder you’d think of Saudis yanking people off of planes if they’ve ever had a drink. Or perhaps tossing Bill Clinton off a minaret for adultery.

This is not a can of worms we need to be opening. I’ll tell you what, Feds. Wh don’t you start off with simple, like enforcing the laws of this country *in* this country against the people to whom it applies. For example you could, oh I don’t know, enforce the laws against tens of millions of illegal immigrants. After you perfect that, we’ll talk about enforcing our laws on Japan and Britain.

Arrogant assholes. This is what happens when you elect a President who thinks he is absolutely right on every issue. Constitution, international law and national borders be damned. He’s RIGHT. God told him so.