The Emotional Packers Live Blog

This is going to be a tough game for me. I love the Packers. And I hate the Giants. I hate Eli Manning and Jeremy Shockey and Tom Coughlin. And I hate the “story” of the Giants surging into the playoffs.

[[Later — this post is a lot more profanity-laden than my usual stuff. I told you, I get emotional when my Packers are involved.]]

The Packers are looking kind of flat in the first half. One lucky completion for a TD, that’s it.

Al Harris is getting schooled by Plaxico Burress.

Boy, did that opening second half drive suck. 7.5 minutes off the clock, lots of penalties and that fuckwad Jacobs taunting the fans. Did I mention that I hate the giants?

Favre puts them ahead on a nice pass. I have no idea why the Packers continue to screw around with screen passes. New York’s defensive ends are way too good for that to work.

The difference between Eli Manning, Regular Season Dud and Eli Manning, Post-Season Hero is efficiency. He’s completing passes at a far greater rate and keeping them out of the hands of the opposition – excepting that pass where Al Harris broke out a WWF slam down on Burress. That’s enough to beat the Packers if they keep playing like this.

One of the ideas I’ve always had is that anytime there is a close play, the offense should rush to the line for the next snap. Green Bay just challenged a play that had no business being challenged, partially because NY rushed to the line to try to get the next play off, making the Packers think something was up. So they threw the flag in desperation. It’s a cheap way to make your opponent waste time outs.

The quick score by the Pack in the second half was, in some ways, a bad thing. Their defense is tired.

Tauscher just recovered a fumble downfield on an interception. If Green Bay wins this game, it will be from luck. They are playing like shit.

Jesus fucking Christ, what the fuck is up with the fucking screen passes?!?! Green Bay had a promising drive than ended in a field goal because they want for not one but TWO useless fucking screen passes against he fucking Giants. Christ on a Crutch, cut it the fuck out with the fucking screen passes!

New York is going for it on 4th and 5. It’s interesting how uch things have changed this year on 4th down. Tonight, all the announcers are with New York. A year ago, it would have been “a huge gamble.” And JESUS FUCKING CHRIST ANOTHER PASS INTERFERENCE CALL! Taking that penalty was a dumb decision for Green Bay. Their defense is tired. The fewer plays you give NY, the better. And blitzing on not one but BOTH downs, compounded the stupidity. The Packers play straight up defense, they have the ball by now.

Al Harris just defensed his first pass.

Three and fucking out. Jesus Christ. And apart from the big return, Green Bay’s special teams have been awful.

This drive will define Manning’s year. If he scores here, he’ll be a hero even if he throw eight interceptions in the Super Bowl. If he doesn’t. Well, he’ll still come off well.

Why has Green Bay abandoned the running game? Just when the Giants are beginning to yield and the running game could be most useful in getting the defense a rest and grinding down the clock, they are going pass-whacky. And of course, they get another penalty.

Another three-and-out. This is one of the worst-coached games I have ever seen the Packers play. It’s just terrible. Dreadful. And of course, they fail to recover the New York fumble.

Boy, a lucky call on the hold.

I have a question: who exactly are the Green Bay DB’s covering? It’s certaintly not the Giants. Are they under the impression that they are supposed to be covering each other? And how on Earth was that a first down? OK, they reversed it on review. But it still wasn’t a catch.

Bradshaw gets the first. This game is over. And now they are inside the 20. GAME OVER.

The kick is missed. Green Bay continues to hold on entirely because of luck.

OK, after the interception, it is NOW GAME OVER.

I now have to spend the next two weeks away from the TV. The Manning Hype, the Rematch Hype and all the other Hype is going o be unbearable.