The Return of Linkorama

  • Your public schools at work. They’ve turned high school into a weekend with Netflix.
  • Your government at work. Public employees looking at porn. I do love the hysterical line about “including the Child and Family Services Agency” as though there is something hideous about children being looked after by people who — gasp! — like looking at naked women. If that’s a problem, 90% of the kids in this country need to taken away from their dads.
  • Your MSM at work. The cowardly NYT endorses the establishment candidate. I guess someone as divisive as Hillary will sell newspapers. The NYT is buying the Clinton spin on Obama’s candidacy.
  • Bill Clinton at work:

    I want to thank you for twice giving me the chance to serve as president. The 1990s were a time of prosperity. We created more than 22 million new jobs, moved eight million people out of poverty, and turned our economy around.

    It’s time for another comeback, time to make America great again. I know Hillary’s the one that can do it.

    Translation: do you want a third term of me? Please, Democrats. Please say “no”.

  • The Hillary machine at work, telling Jewish voters Obama is a Muslim. Come on, guys. We’re too smart to fall for this shit, no?