Win A Date With Chad Sexington

As much as I sometimes sound like a member of the Andrew Sullivan Fan Club For Straight Men both here and at RTLC, sometimes he gets on my nerves, such as when he approving links to an Elle article so vapid and self-centered, it drives me to blog.

The article, by Min Lieskovsky, is all about how much she loves dating male models, how she’s like totally done like SIX of the top models, how she’s like soooo hot and went to like Harvard and so on.

Good grief. The thing reads like a better-educated version of the head cheerleader’s diary. Are all women’s magazines this empty-headed?

Part of this pattern could have to do with female empowerment and progress, but the rest simply has to do with the beautiful, half-naked men who emblazon city buses, subways, and billboards—the ones who I can point to and say, “Dated him,” or, “Made out with that one,” as I jog past in a tattered sweatsuit. Besides, the relationships I have in my midtwenties probably won’t pan out. Most of the time, when they end, I think, What an ass. If it’s going to turn out like that anyway, I’d rather it be a fine-looking ass.

Well, Min, maybe if you weren’t such a vapid superficial self-centered twat, you’d be in better relationships.

I’m not being sexist, here, I don’t think. If Scott Baio wrote an article about how much he loved dating Playboy models, I’d probably do a bit more than rant about it — I’d punch him in the face. I never understood this aspect of “feminism” — that somehow women being as vapid and superficial as men is “empowering”. I thought it was a bad thing when men dated women based soley on their breast size.

But it’s that last line that gets me. Am I the only person in America who doesn’t hate his ex-girlfriends? The most I’ll do is look back at some woman I was interested in where it didn’t work out and say, “Boy, dodged a bullet there.” I asked my wife if this was a female thing and she said that she didn’t despise her ex’s either, she just didn’t want to see them anymore.