Limbaugh on McCain

Was driving around today and heard both Boortz and Limbaugh yammering about about how McCain isn’t a conservative, McCain is a liberal, McCain is the media’s choice, McCain this, McCain that. Waa waa waa. Of course, it’s odd to hear a pro-life, pro-war, federalist fiscal conservative with a lifetime ACU rating of 83 called a liberal.

There are two reasons talk radio is so harsh on McCain and neither has anything to do with “amnesty” or McCain-Feingold. Many of these guys worship Bush, who supports both policies. No, it comes down to this:

1) If McCain is the nominee, it will be a huge blow to talk radio. When McCain’s numbers tanked last year, the talk radio show host boasted that they’d killed him. If he is the nominee now, that means they have a lot less influence than they think.

2) They don’t like the company McCain keeps. He works with Democrats — although not to raise taxes or blow up spending, like the good conservative Bushes have. He is endorsed by the NYT. He appears on The Daily Show. As far as they’re concerned, that’s one step away from singing Koom Baya with Michael Moore. Conservatism is often defined more by the people conservatives don’t like (Hollywood celebrities, MSM, hippies) than what they do like.

One thought on “Limbaugh on McCain”

  1. The NYT endorses McCain when he runs against other Republicans but they will endorse the Democrat in the general election. He can go on the Daily Show and meet with wild applause but I’ll bet that the bulk of that audience wants Obama.

    His campaign is a sham and is only succeeding because of Independents crashing the primaries. He got Schwarzenegger and Giuliani to endorse him? So what? You would think that some actual conservatives would support our front-runner.

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