Quote of the Day

From Taranto:

But some conservatives still hope for a Romney comeback. Blogger Josh Treviño manfully makes a case that Romney actually won Florida, referring to exit-poll numbers (the CNN link didn’t work for us, so we’re going with MSNBC instead) that found the following:

Romney won pro-lifers.
Romney won the mainstream religious. (Huckabee won the very religious–less than one-fifth of the pool.)
Romney won the Protestants.
Romney tied Huckabee with Evangelicals.
Romney won the pro-GWB voters.
Romney is the primary second choice of Giuliani voters, Thompson voters . . . and McCain voters.
Romney won the immigration hard-liners.
Romney won the upper-middle class, earning between $100,000 and $200,000 annually.
Romney won the terrorism-oriented voters.
Romney won the self-identified conservatives and the self-identified very conservative.
Romney won the values-oriented voters.
Romney won the white voters.
Romney won the tax-cutting voters.

It seems the only group of voters McCain won was . . . the voters.

Since when is white, religious and rich conservative? Oh, yeah.