Boortz on Obama and Clinton

He’s already preparing:

This guy really showed an affinity for Marxist professors in college and law school. He’s the most liberal Democrat candidate in decades … perhaps ever.

First, do our colleges and law schools have anything but Marxist professors? Obama is clearly to the right of Hillary on command and control economic issues.

And the most liberal Democrat ever? Not when you’re talking about a roster that includes Ted Kennedy, Jimmy Carter and Michael Dukakis. Give me a break.

Today, Boortz is one the “what has he ever done” message. This seems strange for someone so enamored of Bush.

But I do understand his frustration here:

Driving away from the studios yesterday I tool a back route to avoid traffic. On one busy street corner I noticed a group of women waving Hillary signs. Sorry … but all I could do was stare at these women in absolute amazement. Who are these people? Who are these women that would actually vote for this dishonest and mean woman for president? Do these women all want to surrender the responsibilities for their lives to government? Do they really fear freedom that much? Do they really admire a woman who withstood the serial infidelities of her husband in order to preserve her position of power? Do they admire liars? Are they fans of sham marriages? Are their marriages shams also? Or … is it possible they just don’t have a clue what the hell they are working for?

All I can do is just drive by and stare .. stare in absolute amazement.

I feel the same way. To me, Obama is so obviously a better candidate — hell, even I could vote for him — that the support for the divisive, nasty, statist Clinton baffles me. I guess someone people want that in a President. After all, we just enjoyed seven years of it.

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