Constipated Linkorama

The site was done for a while due to wordpress problems. My baby brother fixed it and everything is copacetic. So a long delayed LINKORAMA is due.

  • John Stossel comes out against the stimulus plan. You know, John. Maybe you could have written this a couple of weeks ago when it might have mattered. The blog and radio silence on this issue enraged me. My feeling was that everyone knew it was a bad idea … but everyone wanted those checks.
  • A nice tribute to the amazing Julian Simon.
  • Morrisey on Clinton’s bad history with buying the New York election by pardoning the FALN terrorists. This is something that will be huge if Hillary gets the nomination.
  • There’s been a lot of noise about the mother who tried to discipline her kid with public humiliation. The thing I can’t stand about these articles are all the “experts” who tell us the best way to raise a child. Note to experts: children are not lab rats, they are individuals. Different parents need different tools. One size fits all discipline is a horrid, horrid idea. Shut the fuck up.
  • Megan McCardle is not the only economist who likes Barak Obama. He is the infinitely preferable choice in the Dem primary — see my post (Empress of Industry) at Right-Thinking.
  • Speaking of McCardle, she makes some good points on the push for CFC bulbs. I keep circling around this and it always seems that the best way to combat global warming is a carbon tax. It’s the simplest and does not interfere with the market.
  • The latest from the Nanny State? A tax on video games.
  • Those FEMA trailers? Poisonous.Oh, this gets better with every passing day.
  • Dubner thinks our recession isn’t that bad. I hope he’s right. I can’t afford for him to be wrong.