That's Nice

I sent a DVD to Netflix this weekend and the next shipment was delayed by Monday’s much-publicized outage. Today, I got an e-mail apologizing and offering a 5% rebate on my monthly fee (i.e., for the day that they were down). It’s like a buck, but it placates me.

It’s amazing how much customer goodwill can be generated with such a little bit of effort. I will never understand companies that think infuriating the customer is good business.

2 Responses to “That's Nice”

  1. honeycut says:

    hey Mike, you should view the source code for this article – you’ve been hacked mate. There is a ton of hidden text in your article.

  2. Mike says:

    That’s weird. This is the only post with the sort of crap. Since it’s not visible and not appearing anywhere else, I’m inclined not to worry. I stripped them out of the post. I wonder if it’s more from a trackback, as that post had a trackback from a spam site.