Teaching The Faith

The Arizona Appellate Court struck down the school voucher program, buying the argument of the union that because parents can used vouchers at religious schools, this violates the separation of church and state.

The ruling hinged on whether the vouchers in question can be considered aid to private and religious schools, because Article IX, paragraph 10 of the Arizona Constitution forbids the use of public money for that purpose. Choice advocates argued that the aid is being given to families and that the schools only benefit indirectly. The court found that while families are indeed aided, so too are the schools. However much I want all children to have access to a choice of independent schools competing to serve them, I find it hard to disagree with the court’s conclusion.

I find it quite easy to dispute this particular brand of child-destroying propaganda from the teachers’ unions. Let’s just extend this nonsense to its logical conclusion. People receiving welfare can not donate to a church. People in Section 8 housing can’t have services in their homes. People on Medicare and Medicaid can not go to religious hospitals.

It’s just so easy.