Galactica Observations

I’m only a few episodes into the season — I’m catching up on my DVR — but it looks like this season is going pretty much like the last three. Lots of noise; little revelation. Watching BSG make me appreciate Babylon 5 all the more. Like BSG, B5 was a show that has many mysteries and secrets. Unlike BSG, B5 was written so that a smart and attentive viewer could see what was coming.

Developments on BSG tend to be random. The big “reveal” last year was the identity of four of the remaining five cylons. But how much indication had been given before that these four were cylons? None. It was like their names were drawn out of a hat. The status of Tigh, in particular, is a big problem as he’s been around for decades — meaning the Cylons had humanoid version during the First War. Sure. Fine. Whatever.

What’s really laughable about the identities of the four is that their survival of the destruction of Caprica was completely random. Less than 50,000 people survived that holocaust but somehow four (probably all five) of the cylon models managed to make it, including one who was rescued from Caprica at random.

The cylons are the ultimate plot device. They can always have hidden programming to make them do whatever the writers want. We want to shock audiences by killing off Cally? Hidden programming. Shooting Adama? Hidden programming? Surviving the seemingly hopeless attack at the end of Season 3? Hidden programming.

I still watch the show because it’s entertaining. I’m enjoying the ride, even though I expect the final destination will make no sense. But the attempts to forecast what will happen are laughable. It’s clear that the writers are making it up as they go along.

Final thought. Is it just me or is Tricia Helfer looking slightly less anorexic this season? She almost looks hot. Still, I’d take the healthy-looking Katee Sackhoff or Grace Park over her any day.