Thursday Night Linkorama

  • Giving police assault weapons in a city that bans handguns. What could possibly go wrong? Why are we treating our police forces more and more like military forces — especially as crime rates fall?
  • Let’s unnecessarily redesign our currency to accommodate the blind — an accommodation, incidentally, they claim they don’t need. Why not? It will only impose a few tens of billions in compliance costs.
  • Maybe this will stir the academic liberals to reconsider wealth envy. Mass wants to tax the hell out of universities with big endowments (i.e., Harvard). I wonder if all the people who support taxes that are targeted specifically at Walmart will get behind this.
  • Yet more data on how the “growing inequality” meme is bullshit. As Levitt notes, the liberals are really going to hate this one. Walmart an globalization are propping us up.
  • Jesus, this Atlanta thing is getting worse each day. Our glorious War on Drugs.