I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff

The government is talking about building houses out of straw. Really. ‘Cuz it’s sustainable.

One Response to “I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff”

  1. rpl says:

    I had a friend back at IU that wanted to build a straw bale house someday. He claimed that it had a lot of advantages. I even made the same joke about the Big Bad Wolf when he brought it up.

    As long as the government limits its activities to providing education about a technology that people are mostly unaware of, I think that’s entirely reasonable and appropriate. It’s not as if they’re providing subsidies for building straw bale houses. Indeed, it’s not entirely clear that the government is providing anything more than the space to hold the seminar; I don’t know where The Environmental & Energy Study Institute gets its funding.

    Cato’s blog post on the subject, on the other hand, is an embarrassment to that institution. It is a fact-free snarkfest, providing nothing of value to the reader. If they have information that the benefits of straw bale construction are (ahem) overblown, then let’s see it. If they have more information about this Institute sponsoring it, then share it with us. Otherwise, they should STFU, as they’re accomplishing little more than to discredit libertarian thought. I’d have expected more from an organization like Cato.