Justice Hillary

I have to wonder if this chatter about Obama nominating Hillary for SCOTUS is a trap laid by the Senator. If she gets nominated, the Republicans will throw all the pent-up mud they’ve been building for 16 years at her. She not only won’t get the post, she’ll be finished politically.

2 thoughts on “Justice Hillary”

  1. I suspect it’s more a result of a news media that has grown so comfortable (i.e., lazy) reporting the “Barack and Hillary Show” that they no longer know how to report on anything else. Hillary Clinton is an even less plausible choice than Harriet Meiers; she has none of the credentials normally expected of a supreme court nominee. This rumor (which I had never even heard before I read it here) is just noise.

  2. I think you’re right, Robert. Rush Limbaugh pointed out the other day that at least half the news these days is speculation about what might happen. You’d think there was nothing going on in the world *right now*.

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