Tuesday Morning Linkorama

  • A beautiful fisking of the anti-Friedman letter at U Chicago.
  • What is the result of not paying college football players? Paying coaches.
  • The descendants of the Knights Templar are suing over a 700-year old massacre. Really.
  • Freddie Mac ignored warning signs in the mortgage industry. And we want to back them up with taxpayer dollars?
  • China. The perfect country for Hillary and all the other Nanny Staters.
  • This, among other things, is why I hate “energy policy”. When the government decides to pursue alternative energies, it does so for political, not scientific reasons. They now want to throw billions into “clean coal” because, apparently, burning hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars wasn’t good enough.
  • The failed legacy of Karl Rove. The GOP is collapsing.
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