Friday Linkorama

  • I’m not surprised that settling is better for malpractice plaintiffs than trial. Being familiar with several trials myself, the greed of the lawyers has a tendency to run afoul of reasonable juries.
  • A great look at why cap and trade won’t work. It’s one thing to cap and trade sulphur dioxide. It’s another thing to cap and trade the lifeblood of economics.
  • Prediction. Within a decade, the major airlines will either be bankrupt or running only international flights. Their business model — which consists of nickel and diming the customer to death — just isn’t feasible anymore.
  • If this doesn’t convince people that the government should stay the hell out of energy policy, nothing will:

    The Environmental Protection Agency rejected on Thursday a request to cut the quota for the use of ethanol in cars, concluding, for the time being, that the goal of reducing the nation’s reliance on oil trumps any effect on food prices from making fuel from corn.

    I am extremely dubious about both the practically and the usefulness of “energy independence”. But this is beyond the pale. The EPA is essentially saying that they don’t care if anyone starves or if tens of millions are pushed into poverty. ADM needs its subsidies, God dammit!

  • I got 7 out of 13. Watching too much Doctor Who, I think.
  • I honestly think that this perfectly encapsulates the thinking of the anti-school choice legions.
  • Never forget. Bush has not discredited small government ideas. He never pursued them. You can’t praise Bush in 2000 for departing from small government ideas and then claim he’s unpopular because of small government ideas he thoroughly abandoned.
  • Some hope on the eminent domain front. Slowly but surely.
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