2 thoughts on “Projectors”

  1. Phil’s comments on the planetarium show why nothing will ever change with our government. Everyone is opposed to pork, unless it’s pork for their pet cause. Some of the comments on Phil’s blog were classic: “I think we should divert 10% of our entertainment expenditures to science”. Sounds great. And, of course the humanities people think we should have 10% for arts and literature, and we could definitely use 10% for infrastructure in “under-served” markets, and . . . . Ten more “and”s later, we’re spending 130% of our budget, and we have to raise taxes or expand the deficit “just a little, but it’s for a good cause, you understand.”

  2. Precisely. It’s the same old problem. Congress sucks, buy my guys is OK. We need to cut spending, except for my programs. We need to raise taxes — on everyone else. Pork sucks, unless it’s my pork.

    There are routes through the Department of Education and the National Science Foundation for Adler to have found funding for this. There are private donors who would be happy to contribute. But this makes funding of planetaria dependent on political pull, which is a bad situation.

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