New Year’s Linkorama

  • Oops
  • No matter how you slice it, federal control of health care will lead to rationing. Of course, to most supporters, that’s a feature, not a bug.
  • I’d feel bad about linking up the Caroline Kennedy “you know” clip except that she is being seriously considered as a US Senator. Her potential nomination has brought out the worst kind of child-like thinking in the Left. There are, by my estimate, a couple of million women in New York more qualified.
  • This sort of nonsense, in which the Feds claim drug use has dropped, drive me nuts. The Bush Administration has been particularly bad about sorting through all the little wiggles and bumps in sociological trend lines — drug use, education, crime, etc. — and claiming that any period where the wiggle went down is due to their policies while ignoring any upward wiggles. That’s what happens when you’re more focused on politics than policy.
  • Poor poor Little Legal Creep. If only he hadn’t mindlessly supported so many illegal things.