Wednesday Linkorama

  • Only the Americans with Disabilities Act would require doctors to pay $100-150 for the privilege of seeing a deaf patient.
  • These sorts of stories break my heart. I don’t know how people lived in the days before modern healthcare.
  • What do you do when you need to make homelessness seem a bigger problem than it is? Lie.
  • Cracked strikes again. Describing Gargamel:

    In addition to being an alchemist, he has the godlike ability to create life, and once created Sassette, a female smurf. If he can make his own smurfs, why does he continue to hunt the free ones? Because he’s fucking Gargamel, that’s why!

  • Let it not be said that the GOP is the one bloating the defense budget. Who knew the biggest defenders of the Military Industrial Complex would be democrats?
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