Card Check

I’ve been toying with a post on card check for the last month. But I really can’t do better than Doug Bandow:

The secret ballot is key. It protects workers from retaliation — that’s why the U.S. elects public officials, rather than allowing citizens to sign election cards. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell which worker is more vulnerable to pressure and even violence: one who gets to cast a secret ballot or one who must sign or not sign a card in public view. Four decades ago a federal appeals court declared: “it is beyond dispute that secret election is a more accurate reflection of the employees’ true desires than a check of authorization cards collected at the behest of a union organizer.”

Former union organizer Jen Jason testified before the House Education and Labor Committee: “During the course of my employment with the union, I began to understand the reality behind the rhetoric. I took in the ways that organizers were manipulating workers just to get a majority on ‘the cards’ and the various strategies that they employed. I began to appreciate that promises made by organizers at the worker’s house had little to do with how the union actually functions as a ‘service’ organization.”

In fact, misrepresentation and intimidation are routine, as union organizers lie about what signing the care means (claiming, for example, that it certifies attending a meeting or requesting more information) and badger employees to sign (sending groups of pro-union workers to people’s homes). The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation has collected the stories of many employees, such as that of Mike Ivey, a South Carolina materials handler, who complained that the UAW “created a hostile work environment” through relentless pressure to sign cards. These abuses would be multiplied if card check automatically yielded recognition, foreclosing the need for a vote.

This may be why even union members favor elections. Polls have found that eight to nine of every ten of them favor a vote. Card check is a tool for union executives and Democratic politicians, not workers.

I would say that I can’t believe the Democrats think they are going to get away with this blatant burning of the economy to favor their political allies. But then I remember how worthless our mainstream media are. They won’t even ask the Democrats pointed questions about this. They’ll let the Democrats make their point, drag in the dumbest loudest opposition figure they can find to make the counterpoint and leave it at that.

I wonder if someone will try to unionize Michael Moore’s studio or Ralph Nader’s groups.

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