Weekend Linkorama

  • No, Virginia, Prop 13 and other tax revolts did not bankrupt California. I swear. What is it with liberals with coming out with pre-planned and wrong explanations for whatever has been screwed up? Conservative aren’t much better these days, of course, blaming the housing crash on the CRA. But “disaster socialism” is alive and well.
  • Someone actually checks to see if Sotomayor is the race warrior every Right Wing dunderhead is making her out to be. Hint: she isn’t.
  • Why David Petraeus rocks. I defy the Right to tell me that he is some weak-kneed liberal who wants the terrorists to win.
  • Just a peek into what constitutes “professional development” for teachers. And people wonder why I’m not friendly to the unions.
  • More information on the terrorist who murdered an abortion doctor yesterday. Despite the ugliness of the rhetoric (there’s a horrific video I refuse to link to) I remain firm in my conviction that the only man responsible for the killing is the killer. While I am pro-choice, I don’t believe that pro-lifers should be quiet about what they earnestly believe is the taking of hundreds of thousands of lives a year. I would, however, prefer to see rhetoric toned down a bit and the focus shifted away from individual doctors to the larger political and moral issue.
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