Tuesday Linkorama

Sorry, there’s a lot of good stuff on the tubes:

  • The WSJ on empathy. The reason we have laws and a Constitution is precisely so that people don’t make decisions based on emotion — which is an unreliable guide at best.
  • Obama and the Democrats are contemplating an outrageous expansion of federal discretionary power. Kudo to Greenwald for not selling out to the Hope and Change Express.
  • Why does Bill Kristol still get media appearances? He’s a disgrace. He’s just wrong about everything. If a blogger were as wildly ignorant as Kristol is, his traffic would crater.
  • Sweeeet. Taxpayers are auditing school districts — and finding millions in waste. That’s change we can believe in.
  • Isn’t this sort of thing how we got an economic crisis in the first place?
  • Lithwick defends Clarence Thomas. The meme in liberal circles that Thomas is an idiot puppet of Scalia is one of the most ignorant — and quietly racist — of the movement. The thinking seems to be that since he’s black and not liberal, he must be a moron.
  • The reality of child soldiers.
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