Weekend Linkorama

  • Nope. It was not speculators who drove oil prices. Not that this will stop the Democrats from saying that it was.
  • I think it’s a great idea to pass a law forbidding airlines from keeping passengers trapped on the tarmac for hours.
  • What the hell? Since when can the government just take over your life because it deems you incompetent?
  • Legal reform modeled on healthcare reform. I love it.
  • Holy crap, I agree with Ezra Klein! The mortgage interest deduction mainly benefits the wealthy. For many in the middle class, it’s smaller than just the standard deduction. Scrap it. In fact, scrap the entire system and go with a flat tax.
  • A good rant from Ta-Nehisi on racism (or lack thereof)(or something).
  • Obama is now claiming the stimulus has saved a million jobs. Given that the unemployment curve is way over the Administration’s projections, I don’t think even they believe this.