Wednesday Linkorama

  • Swayze gone too?. Man, we’re losing a lot of people off the boat in 2009.
  • A really stupid post by Greenwald encapsulates a lot of the smugness that makes the Left so repugnant to conservatives. He is so locked in to the interpretation that the tea party protests are against minorities and immigrants that he can’t see the plain and simple reality the the tea parties are protesting corporate bailouts, executive salaries and the wholesale turning over of our healthcare system to monied interests. How can he be so smart on torture and so reflexively dumb on the Right Wing?
  • Ed Morrisey has a great post on how the efficient Medicare system screw up kidney transplants.
  • This is the sort of thing I hope will eventually emerge from all the tea party business — smart conservative proposals for budgetary reform.
  • One thing that history will say: George Bush was a lousy President, but he was not an idiot. Read his very prescient assessment of Sarah Palin.
  • Dear Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Stop. Now. We are earnestly trying to fight the rising tide of big government. We do not need you pointlessly, stupidly and ignorantly injecting race into everything to drive up your ratings.
  • I heart Bruce Bartlett. His Imposter book was a scathing (and unpopular) indictment of the Republicans. And his voice is one of the few leading us out of the wilderness.