Friday Linkorama

  • For once, a heart-warming non-political story.
  • Something else non-political that will make you grin. Mike Blowers calls his shot — before the game. Blowers has been one of my favorite players since I traded for him in a computer simulation only to watch him have a better season than he ever had in real life.
  • What is this? Three non-political things in a row? Read this about the importance of feeling stupid. I’ve observed that the principal difference between people who drop out of science and people who stay is that the stayers don’t take it personally when they feel stupid. (This is not to be confused with leaving and staying in academia, where the stayers just are stupid. Oh. Wait.)
  • Is the Keynsian multiplier 1? It’s just one paper, but the idea that massive spending (or, to be honest, massive tax cuts) stimulate the economy seems on shakier ground than supporters want to admit.
  • OK, back to politics. In response to Barack Obama, the Republican Party has clearly decided to go insane.
  • I find the videos of kids singing Obama’s praises a bit creepifying — not because it’s Obama but because I find the entire Cult of the Presidency thing creepifying. But the Right Wing’s hysteria has a very short memory. Check out this video of kids praying for (or to) Bush. Now that’s disturbing.
  • Democrats have restored abstinence education funding. Why?
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