I loooove time-lapse videos. When my little girl was young, we used to take pictures of her once a week in the same position to watch her grow. It stopped when we moved and she became mobile, but maybe we’ll resume one day. I think it would be incredible to get a bunch of babies and photographic them every day. Just think not only of the cool video you’d have in 30 years, but how much we’d learn about human development.

I’ve often wanted to set up my own time-lapse cameras. I just resealed the driveway last week and wanted desperately to set up a camera to photograph it every day and watch the seal wear away and cracks appear. Do they sell time-lapse cameras? Can you buy them somewhere?

One Response to “Time”

  1. rpl says:

    Set up a USB camera pointing at the driveway, run a cable back to your computer, and write a script to snap frames at hourly intervals.