A great post from Greenwald — he’s great when he doesn’t drive me up the wall — tackles the DNC’s statement that critics of the Obama Peace Prize are siding with the Taliban. I was at my wit’s end when conservatives did this — and still do it to me when I come out against torture or express concerns about Iraq or suggest that we may end up having to accept a nuclear Iran. The shameful thing about the “joke” headlines Greenwald suggests — e.g., Obama sides with Castro and Chavez on Honduras — is that they are actually real headlines on many “conservative” blogs.

For another take, Reason points out (as Greenwald does) that the new optimism Obama has created in confined mostly to Europe — we are just as an unpopular as ever in the Middle East. And Matt Welch argues that it shows a bizarrely US-centric tilt to the Nobel Committee. I also like Sullivan’s take — why not give it en masse to the people who boldly stood up to the Iranian government as it stole an election?

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