Weekend Linkorama

  • Amazing. The Chilean earthquake moved Concepcion by ten feet.
  • I’m not sure if this is aggregate cheating or cheating rates. One thing is clear. Them real estate agents is frisky.
  • You have to wonder when our politicians will get called out for this green jobs nonsense. Especially as you can call anything — including making environmentally damaging corn ethanol — a green job.
  • When Obama won the Nobel Prize, he promised to give the $1.4 million cash prize to charity. Looks like he fulfilled that promise. I can’t think there’s a single name on there that will cause controversy, although I’m some idiot will find something they don’t like.

  • Is the “War on Fat” going to be Michelle Obama’s equivalent to Nancy Reagan’s “War on Drugs”? Possibly.
  • I knew there was some use for shopper cards.
  • Megan McArdle tries to discern the signal from the noise in the Toyota recall.
  • Canada has the warmest winter on record. But global warming is a hoax!