The Eye That Does Not See

Neal Boortz today:

Now, ask the average American how much they paid in taxes last year. Many will say, “Actually, I got a check for $400!” This folks, is nothing but government educated ignorance. The fact is that the government isn’t just “giving” you these tax refunds out of the goodness of its heart. That is YOUR money.

This is a very good point. An excellent point. Except … that Neal Boortz is the primary supporter of the Fair Tax. Under the Fair Tax, the typical family would received a tax “prebate” of $400+ every damned month.

This is why I refer to Fair Tax supporters as Fair Tax Movementarians. In addition to thinking the Fair Tax will magically put extra money into their paychecks, will magically make lobbyists go away and will magically generate revenue from illegal activities, they can’t see the problem with the Prebate.

(I’ve blogged on the prebate before. One correction: I don’t think getting checks to everyone every month will be that much of a problem. My other criticisms stand.)